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Fidelidade is the largest insurance group in Portugal, with over 200 years of existence and a wide presence in various countries around the globe.

Fidelidade consists of a group of companies in the insurance sector, health and a combination of services, that as a whole, protect the future of families, companies and country.

The highest mission of Fidelidade is to ensure that people’s lives never stop, being present when it is absolutely necessary, with innovative solutions for protection with a human side in the service it provides, thus contributing to a sustainable society and for the larger good of the people.


Fosun was founded in 1992. Fosun International Limited is a family-focused multinational company that has been listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (00656.HK) since 2007, with total assets over RMB638.8 billion (c.US$93.1 billion) as of 31 December 2018.

With its roots in China, and through technology and innovation, Fosun’s mission is to create customer-to-maker (C2M) ecosystems in health, happiness and wealth, providing high-quality products and services for families around the world. Fosun International ranks No.416 on the 2019 Forbes Global 2000 List.

Hospital da Luz Learning Health

Hospital da Luz Learning Health is dedicated to the advanced training of professionals, translational research, and innovation, in the areas of healthcare provision and management. Learning Health aims to promote the generation and dissemination of knowledge, technologies, and more advanced practices in healthcare, both inside and outside Luz Saúde Group, contributing to improvements in patient safety and quality of care.

With the establishment of Learning Health, Luz Saúde Group strengthens its commitment to medical excellence, innovation and development of exceptional people.

International Partners

Angola – Fidelidade

In 2011, Fidelidade acquired a majority stake in Universal Seguros, S.A., in a move to establish a reference operation on the local market. The company is active in the Life and Non-Life segments and works with both individual and corporate clients. In 2016, Universal Seguros became the third insurer in the world in terms of Gross Premiums Issued, out of the 24 insurance firms licensed to operate in the country. In 2017, the company took the name of Fidelidade Angola – Companhia de Seguros, S.A.

Bolivia – Alianza

The Alianza Group was first founded in 1991, being one of the most important business groups in Bolivia. Having the La Positiva Group as one of the main shareholders since its foundation, it is represented in the market by Alianza Companhia de Seguros y Reaseguros for the Non-Life business and by Alianza Vida Seguros y Reaseguros for its Life business. It is a consolidated leader in the Bolivian insurance market, with multichannel presence and an assorted range of products, both for the individual and the companies branches.

Cabo Verde – Garantia

The company Garantia – Companhia de Seguros de Cabo Verde, S.A., was set up in 1991, and has since occupied an increasingly important role in the economy of Cape Verde. With strong presence on the market and good financial health, Garantia offers a wide range of products, in both the Life and Non-Life segments, through its Agencies and also through partnerships with other companies in Cape Verde, thereby strengthening the synergies promoted by Banco Comercial Atlântico and Banco Interatlântico, beyond the wide range of branches, brokers and mediators. Garantia is the leading player of the insurance market in Cape Verde.

Chile – Fid Seguros

The year of 2019 was marked, not only by the arrival of Fidelidade Group in the American continent, but most specifically by its entry into the Chilean market through a startup, the subsidiary FID Seguros, based in Santiago. Being Fidelidade Group’s most recent insurance company, it obtained authorization to operate in the Non-Life business in the Chilean market at the end of the last quarter of the same year, wherefore the operation in this business sector only started officially at the beginning of the year 2020.

It is intended that the strategic positioning of FID Seguros is leveraged in a strong relationship with brokers and other non-traditional channels, as well as in a wide range of Non-Life products aimed at individual and company’s clients.

It is also governed by being a lean organization, whose processes are characterized by transparency, agility and focus on partners and customers. The operational support is entirely technological, both in data management and in terms of creating analysis models based on AI (artificial intelligence).

France – Fidelidade France

The community of Portuguese descendants has been the main focus of Fidelidade in France, where the company has been operational since 1997. Specialised in life and non-life insurance for private individuals through the CGD bank network in France, Fidelidade also has a branch in downtown Paris with a wide range of solutions for the business activities of entrepreneurs of Portuguese descent, and also for Portuguese companies with operations in France.

Fidelidade also distributes insurance through specialised brokers, in market segments where they have great affinity.

Macao, China – Fidelidade Macao

With a presence in Macao since 1999, Fidelidade has been active there through two branches, one of them aiming at Life Insurance and Management of Pension Funds, and the other aiming at General Insurance.

At the end of 2015, Fidelidade Macau – Companhia de Seguros, S.A. was set up. The portfolio of insurance policies of the Non-Life Department, which was discontinued, was transferred to this new company, with the activities being carried out, in the non-life segment, through the subsidiary thus established.

In March 2020, after 20 years providing life insurance and pension fund services in Macao as a branch of Fidelidade – Companhia de Seguros S.A., a local Life Insurance Company was incorporated upon the approval of the Macao Government Authorities, to be named Fidelidade Macau Vida — Companhia de Seguros, S.A., assuring a stronger and more relevant corporate presence in the region.

At present, Fidelidade carries out its business mainly through a banking channel, in partnership with BNU, and also directly and through channels of brokers, seeking to cater both to private individuals and companies.

Fidelidade also operates in the segment of big business in Macao (casinos, hotels and resorts), covering the risk of damage to assets and civil and professional liability insurance, among others.

Mozambique – Fidelidade Ímpar

Fidelidade has been present in Mozambique since 2015, and has offered services in the life and the non-life segments. It plans to be recognised by the clients and by the general market, as being a benchmark insurer in this country, with a strategy based on the principles that make the company stand out in the markets where we operate: quality of service, innovation, commitment to clients, and involvement with society, through an active and responsible type of participation.

Fidelidade’s mission in Mozambique is to make an active, constructive and sustained contribution towards the execution of insurance activities in Mozambique, seeking to become a benchmark insurer on this market.

Paraguai – Alianza Garantia

Garantia has its origin in 1973, but it was only in 2014, with the entry of the Bolivian insurance group Alianza in the shareholder structure that it became Alianza Garantia. Leveraged by the entry of this strategic partner, who has brought knowledge, efficiency and experience, Alianza strongly increases its turnover and moves from the top 25 of insurances, to the top 10 in a little over 5 years, thus positioning itself to be, in medium and long-term, one of the most relevant insurers in the country. Through its multichannel network, it is present in several regions of the country and offers a wide range of Life and Non-Life products.

Peru – La Positiva Seguros

La Positiva was founded in 1937, in Arequipa, Peru, and it stands out for being one of the oldest Insurance Companies in the country, already exceeding 80 years of history. With a wide range of products, La Positiva operates in the Life and Non-Life branches through its companies La Positiva Generales, La Positiva Vida and La Positiva EPS. La Positiva is present in the companies branch and in the private branch. It’s in the private branch where it continues to have the largest share of its business, being the market leader in the CCIPI product (compulsory car insurance of personal injuries), one of the most important business lines in the Peruvian insurance industry. It is one of the largest insurance companies in Peru, notable for its strong presence and market leadership, outside Lima, Peru’s capital and a geographical area where the growth potential is outstanding.

Spain – Fidelidade Spain

In 1995, Fidelidade took its first step towards internationalization with the opening of its Branch in Spain. Over the years, the Spanish Branch has incorporated new products and distribution channels, serving not only the Spanish community but also the Portuguese community through its wide range product for both individuals and companies in the Life and Non-Life branches. The connection with the Chinese community, fostered by its majority shareholder, has also been one of the branch’s priorities due to its turnover and the potential it represents.​

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