The time has come. Protechting is getting started and these are the 20 startups that will be joining us for the first phase of our program: The Bootcamp.

After an intense selection process where more than 140 startups, from 23 different countries, applied, we have finally decided who will be part of the first stage of our accelerator.

Here are the 20 promising startups:

App Sinistro

A car accident no longer has to be complicated. App Sinistro reduces waiting time, takes away headaches and saves money in calls and trips – all through your smartphone.


AppyBook is a service marketplace focused in helping people find nearby healthcare services, see reviews from other patients, choose the best services, book services and get reminders. All of this for free! On the other hand, it helps the service providers attract new clients, manage its scheduling, and get insightful feedback from users.


Bclose is a mobile app to improve their customers’ quality of life by changing their lifestyle habits through daily real time information, delivered from the user’s portable personal devices. Data is based on deep artificial intelligence, as well as analytic information on behalf of the user actions.

CleenBeen Technologies

CleenBeen Technologies aims to resolve one of the most predominant problems found today in hospital environments: bacterial/superbug and MRSA infections.

Consulta do Viajante

Consulta do Viajante is Portugal’s first fully internet-run medical clinic. It allows doctors and patients alike to meet easily and hassle-free, from the comfort of their homes, to tackle the still very real problem of healthcare accessibility.


Ectosense leverages mobile technology to measure and analyze the user’s sleep quality in their home environment and to provide high quality insights into sleep disorders.

Insurance Labs

IT Solutions aimed at the insurance market.


Have you ever wanted to keep an eye on someone or something without having to “keep an actual eye” on him / her / it? With iVigilate you can be notified when they leave the building, know where they are “hiding” indoors and much more!

K8 – Infinity Knowledge

K8 – Infinity Knowledge aims to prevent falls from beds in hospitals. It detects the presence of the body on the bed and alerts the health professional for the risk of fall. The health professional confirms the risk and the systems will learn from that interaction and reduce the number of false alerts.


KASKO offers digital marketplaces an easy way to set up an insurance cross-selling platform to add value by contextually presenting relevant insurance products.


KYLEGA is a planning tool. A digital legacy management system created to help you succeed in saving and controlling all of your digital and physical information. An everyday tool with the best and most complete features available to inventory your assets (both digital and physical). And the best way that you have to plan the future of your online and offline life.


LifeSymb is a high-tech startup in the mobile health sector. The first product of the company is a software that uses multiple sensors, such as 3D depth cameras and accelerometers, to analyse a person’s posture and movements in order to provide automatic health recommendations. The software uses machine learning techniques to learn from big data and optimise its recommendations over time.


MotionsCloud is a claims adjustment app for insurance properties & content claims. All in one mobile solution for claims adjusters to improve productivity, reduce claim cost & cycle time, simplify & automate processes, connecting trusted services and improve customer experience.


Movildoc is a platform that allows health professionals to solve medical questions with the assistance of our specialists using their computers or smartphones. Movildoc can be used by pharmaceutical laboratories, health insurance companies, hospitals and medical clinics to provide a reliable and trustworthy service for all health professionals.


Corrosion is the black mould of the industrial world, it’s costly once you have it and Noxidity give you the peace of mind of being able to prevent it easily. Noxidity is a new IoT-enabled technology to prevent and predict corrosion – our solution is automated, user-friendly and of higher accuracy compared to what is available in the market and can be implemented within various industries.


OptiShower is a revolutionary idea around smart city horizon based on controlling and monitoring water and energy consumption. This technology gives real-time information about water and energy consumption and has the ability to manage the shower water as an administrator in the gyms, pools, hotels, hostels and dorms.


QueSeguro is the first simulator and comparison engine for insurance products in Portugal. Simulate, compare and choose the best insurance plan for you.


Senioresclick is the best search tool by type of service, location, price and category.The place to advertise and create a professional network through a corporate area. Usability and appealing design. They promote information, health and an active lifestyle.


SensorLIFE is a wearable lightweight system for personal protective equipment intended for workers to be monitored in real time by providing information about the physical conditions of their task in order to avoid accidents. Industrial and construction enterprises will reduce their worker risks by making the PPE asset protection equipment active and generating a environmental knowledge.

Upper Insurance

A community driven platform that allows users to form groups to get protected for simmilar risks. The platform will use a mix of mutualization with crowdfunding to ensure the right protection/ capitals for each risk and users/ investors will bennefit from lower premiums and cashback from low claims. The groups can set the type of protection they want and invest in their own risk. We bring back the sense of community and give you back the extra premiums that were not used by your group.