We had our own Meet & Greet last Thursday to let the whole world know about Protechting and the startup program we’re putting together. So, with all that was talked about in that late afternoon networking session, here’s why Protechting was created in the first place and what this program is all about.

 Read this carefully and apply here if you want to join us.

Why does Protechting exist? 

Truth is, this startup program was born from the strong beliefs of Fidelidade and Fosun on Portuguese entrepreneurship and the will to make great ideas happen, that can not only change the world around us but also protect it.

Put all of this together with the know-how on startup methodologies and innovation from Beta-i and you have Proteching, a startup accelerator to push bold entrepreneurs forward and help them grow their business and solution in the insurance industry.


What is the program about? 

Protechting is looking for the dreamers, thinkers and creators out there, who are building innovative solutions in the insurance industry. Even if you’re idea is written on a piece of paper, if we see potential in it and if we can add something to your business, with our expertise or network of contacts, we’ll help you make it happen.

We want to help startups that are working on solutions that can be used by the insurance industry, specifically those related to services, savings, health and prevention.


Protechting will have a duration of 8 weeks, divided in two phases.

The first phase consists of a 5 day Bootcamp in Lisboa, with the 25 selected startups from the first two phases of selection (online application on F6S and interviews), whereby you will be able to learn about the most important entrepreneurship and innovation methodologies and how to best apply them to your business idea.

In the next phase, we will have the 8-week acceleration program with the best 15 startups selected from the Bootcamp. During this second phase, you will have access to mentoring from some of the best entrepreneurs in Portugal, help to develop your business plan, giving you time to prepare your pitch for the investors, along with other great prizes and perks.

The 3 best startups will participate in a roadshow to China, where they will meet some of the largest investors in the world as well as Fosun representatives, the company that owns Fidelidade. At the end of the program, the startups will get the chance of being invested or establish a partnership with Fidelidade and Fosun. The winning startup will get an award of 10.000 euros but all the 15 startups will win a full year of free services from Fidelidade (insurance plans).

An insight on the Portuguese startup scene…

At our Meet & Greet, we invited some startup and business experts to talk about how the Portuguese Startup scene evolved in the last few years and how the insurance industry is proving to be one of the top trends in tech.


We had the privilege to host this discussion panel, with Alexandre Barbosa, Managing Director at Faber Ventures, Pedro Rocha Vieira, President at Beta-i, José Villa de Freitas, Marketing Manager at Fidelidade, and Pedro Penalva, General Manager at Aon.

Did we get your attention? Do you want to change the world as you know it and protect it? Then, apply here and join us at Protechting.