Seasoned entrepreneurs will always tell you that have a good business idea is not enough. The difficult part is to give it form, to make it happen and to show it to the world – execution.   A lot of work goes into creating a successful startup, including many sleepless nights and above having faith in what you do. Many will say that this obsessive behaviour is the only way to achieve success. In reality, you need a lot more – contacts, advice, exposure, investment and the right mentality to enter the market in a structured manner.

As a result, and because we want to share knowledge and help the national entrepreneurship ecosystem flourish, we created a new acceleration program from Fidelidade and Fosun with the support of Beta-i, focusing on the insurance industry – called Protechting. With this program, we want to inspire innovative startups, support entrepreneurs and help bring down barriers.  

This accelerator is focused on the insurance industry, one that we know all too well and in which we can help small technological companies reach large clients making them profitable, especially in the areas of health, services, savings and prevention. Opening the door to disruptive startups so that they have space to grow, minimizing the risk whilst helping overcome obstacles with the help of the best talent around – this is why we created Protechting.

Our acceleration program brings together knowledge and relevant contacts in the area of

insurance of Fidelidade and Fosun, along with the experience of Beta-I with startups and entrepreneurs. With us, you will be able to develop a product for large clients in the industry of insurance, adapting your solution to the market whilst learning everything you’ll need to know about creating a startup.

Protechting will have a duration of 8 weeks, divided in two phases.

The first phase consists of a 5 day Bootcamp in Lisboa, with the 25 selected startups from the first two phases of selection (online application on F6S and interviews), whereby you will be able to learn about the most important entrepreneurship and innovation methodologies and how to best apply them to your business idea.

In the next phase, we will have the 8-week acceleration program with the best 15 startups selected from the Bootcamp. During this second phase, you will have access to mentoring from some of the best entrepreneurs in Portugal, help to develop your business plan, giving you time to prepare your pitch for the investors, along with other great prizes and perks.

The 3 best startups will participate in a roadshow to China, where they will meet some of the largest investors in the world as well as Fosun representatives, the company that owns Fidelidade. At the end of the program, the startups will get the chance of being invested or establish a partnership with Fidelidade and Fosun. The winning startup will get an award of 10.000 euros but all the 15 startups will win a full year of free services from Fidelidade (insurance plans).

If you want to know more about the program you can come and talk to us and keep up with the selection process in our social networks.
Applications for Protechting are open until December 15th.