Most people wonder how the future of tech startups looks like. In which areas should we invest our time and money? Which startups will be the most succeeded in the next few years? What are investors looking for? Well, here’s an industry that continues to show up across the main tech trends lists… Digital Health.

Health is a common concern and that’s why there are new significant solutions presented every year within this industry, being the technological services / products the ones that play a crucial role. There are more and more startups trying to solve problems related with healthcare and, in Portugal, we’ve some interesting case studies such as Line Health or Knok. Yet, there is a lot more to be done and to explore in this area.

A mobile app that allows a rapid diagnosis is closer than we may think. In fact, healthcare is an area with such a big potential that has been attracting investors all over the world. The market is huge, thus there are many opportunities for technological developments. Disruptive solutions within the health industry, associated to big data or machine learning, are those which will make the difference on saving lives in a near future.

Startups focusing in this areas have several opportunities such as working with insurers in order to help creating more adjusted insurance services for its clients. The many opportunities within the healthcare industry are proportional in terms of users and investors. Thus, if you’re developing a solution in this sector and would like to work with experienced teams across the insurance industry, hesitate no more and apply to Protechting.

Applications are open until the December 15th.