Project Description




Entrepreneur in Residence at Beta-i

Experienced marketeer and business manager, with an entrepreneur mind. Skills enhanced by first-hand experience and insight, acquired through living and having an International career – built over 15 years in marketing, strategy and general management – in Africa, Asia, Americas and Europe.

Led multifunctional teams from more than 120 different nationalities, that have consistently delivered strong financial results that have also positively impacted the environments in which they operate.

Worked with local, regional or global responsibilities in quick-moving, time-sensitive, and competitive consumer markets across different sectors – media, entertainment and sports; consumer products; hospitality, leisure and cruise; food and beverages, and wine and spirits – both from agency and industry side.

Consolidated academic path, at an International MBA level – 15th best MBA in Europe and 40th in the world, FT. “Portable” skills renewed and closely attuned to the ongoing business transformation environment.

Well-developed competences in results-orientation, team leadership, influencing, organizational development, and change management. Creative thinker and builder, passionate to recreate concepts and people’s experiences of products and services that disrupt and make new markets.

Areas of expertise:
. General Management
. Strategy
. Marketing Management: international marketing; integrated digital and traditional
. Entrepreneurial&Strategist
. Brand Management: communications; advertising;consumer& market knowledge