Protechting – New deadline for applications (Dec-22)

We have really good news for you. Yesterday was supposed to be the final deadline for applications for our startup program, however, we kind of got caught in this christmas spirit and decided to give you one last shot. We’re extending the deadline for applications until December 22nd. You now have 6 extra days to

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Protechting Session #2 summary & photo gallery – The future of health

Last Thursday, Protechting Session #2 took place at Fidelidade HQ in Rato where both Fidelidade and Beta-i’s representatives along with Carlos Oliveira from Invest Braga and Isabel Vaz from Lúz Saúde got together to discuss how may startups change the future of health. José Villa de Freitas from Fidelidade introduced the acceleration program and explained

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How will startups change the future of healthcare?

Do you know how startups and technology will influence the healthcare industry? How it will save lives and change the world as we know it? Well, because healthcare has been getting attention from the world's leading investors and entrepreneurs, we're bringing together some industry experts for an exclusive session this Thursday (space is limited so make

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Protechting: Meet and Greet this Thursday at Beta-i

We're the new accelerator in town so, we thought to ourselves: why not do a networking session to explain how our program works, have a couple of drinks with entrepreneurs and investors and talk about what's next for the Portuguese startup scene? Well, we figured this was too good of an opportunity to let it

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Protechting – a new startup accelerator by Fidelidade and Fosun

Seasoned entrepreneurs will always tell you that have a good business idea is not enough. The difficult part is to give it form, to make it happen and to show it to the world – execution.   A lot of work goes into creating a successful startup, including many sleepless nights and above having faith in

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Digital Health: the next generation of Startups

Most people wonder how the future of tech startups looks like. In which areas should we invest our time and money? Which startups will be the most succeeded in the next few years? What are investors looking for? Well, here’s an industry that continues to show up across the main tech trends lists… Digital Health.

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Great opportunities for startups in the insurance industry

When you build a startup, very often you ignore all the existing opportunities in the market. Some more obvious than other, but there are too many opportunities that are neglected by entrepreneurs. There are key markets and industries in which technology should definitely bet… And in fact, the insurance industry is one of them. Are

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Oportunidades Para Startups Na Área dos Seguros

Quando se cria uma startup, muitas vezes ignoram-se a maiores das oportunidades de mercado. Umas mais óbvias que outras, é certo, mais há demasiadas oportunidades que passam despercebidas aos olhos dos empreendedores. Há mercados privilegiados nos quais a tecnologia deve apostar e indústrias emergentes… E de facto, a indústria dos seguros é uma delas. Será que

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Digital Health: as Startups do Futuro

A grande maioria quer saber qual é o futuro das startups tecnológicas. Em que áreas de negócio se deve apostar? Quais as startups que serão mais bem sucedidas nos próximos anos? O que procuram os investidores? Aqui está uma indústria que continua a aparecer em todas as listas de tendências tecnológicas… Digital Health. A saúde

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Protechting, o Novo Acelerador de Startups da Fidelidade e Fosun

Os grandes empreendedores dizem que ter uma boa ideia de negócio não basta. O difícil está em dar-lhe forma, em fazer com que aconteça e em mostrá-la ao mundo. Para se criar uma startup de sucesso é preciso muito trabalho, muitas noites sem dormir e, acima de tudo, acreditar naquilo que se faz. Há quem

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