Protechcting is a corporate accelerator by Fidelidade and supported by Beta-i. By investing in the startup way of doing things, Fidelidade and Fosun’s mission is to inspire and contribute to establish a more engaged and entrepreneurial society and to foster the creation of innovative solutions within the insurance sector.

Over a 2 month acceleration program in Lisbon, around 15 startups will have the unique opportunity of developing its products or services with the support of world-class mentors from both Fidelidade/Fosun and Beta-i network, while taking advantage of accessing big clients, thus reducing their risk.

The program aims to support and stimulate the entrepreneurial ecosystem, as well as the implementation of disruptive solutions with a growth potential and that contribute to a greater competitiveness of the Portuguese economy and the insurance sector, and to support the projects that may contribute towards the improvement of Fidelidade’s business activities.

Beta-i is an organisation focused on the promotion of entrepreneurship and innovation.
Our aim is to contribute to a stronger culture and entrepreneurial ecosystem and to help startups grow and succeed.

We focus our activity in two main areas: events and acceleration programs. We are responsible for events such as Beta-Talk, TEDxEdges, Silicon Valley comes to Lisbon and SandBox Global Summit, Startup Weekend, Lisbon Investment Summit and for accelerations programs such as Beta-Start and Lisbon Challenge.

We’re supported by various other organisations, and partner with a vast network of associates and volunteers.

To be considered for the programme, applicants must be over the age of 18 and can be of any nationality. You can apply either as an individual or as part of a team as long as you have an idea or solution that contributes to the proposed objectives of the programme and must be within the designated categories.

If you own a formally established business for less than 3 years you may also apply (by formal existence we consider the date of legal constitution of the company).

Applications must be submitted via the programme’s application form available on the F6S website.
You will need to provide a company profile, a business summary, a short video presenting the opportunity and traction so far and a statement of your objectives for the Protechcting. The more information you provide about your startup, the better.
The Protechcting program is specifically designed for tech startups in product, service or prototype phase whose product can be of value to insurance providers. Our target startups are all technology-based projects serving the financial services industry.
No. As the accelerator takes place in Portugal, you can submit your application either in English or Portuguese.
Sorry but no. Each applicant may submit one application only. Carefully assess which has the best fit for this program and can better benefit from it.
The application period runs from the 12 October 2015 to 22 December 2015. We will let you know shortly after.
The program will be preceded by a 3 phase selection process: online application review on F6S, individual interviews in person or over video call and Bootcamp (where up to 25 selected startups out of the 2 first phases) will have to go through 5 intense days. REMOVE the following for this sentence: “which include a Hackathon”.
All applications will be reviewed by a panel, taking into account the team constitution and quality; quality of the application (business summary and market potential), ambition and project scalability, adaptability to insurance industry and contribution to Fidelidade’s competitiveness and innovation.
The selection panel consists of members of Fidelidade, Fosun and Beta-i as well as others invited specifically for this purpose, such as partners, investors, founders and representatives of companies.
The Bootcamp is the last phase of the selection process, happening from the 15th to 19th of February 2016, during which up to 25 selected startups out of the online application and individual interviews will be put to test.
It will be an intensive, immersive workshop over 5 days that focuses on applying innovation and entrepreneurship methodologies and tools to ideas. Participants will learn about methodologies such as Business Model Innovation, Lean Startup, Design Thinking, Blue Ocean Strategy, Rapid Prototyping and Pitching.

The Acceleration phase runs over 2 months, from 22 February to 22 April 2016 and will take place at Beta-i’s offices at Av. Casal Ribeiro, 28 – 1000-092 Lisbon, Portugal.

No. There are no charges for you to apply, neither to participate both on the Bootcamp and the acceleration program. Also, we take no equity.

The participation on the program itself and the contacts you’re going to get out of it should be more than enough to sustain your application. However, there are some tangible prizes as well: the 3 winning teams will be awarded in-kind prizes and the winning team will be awarded a cash prize of €10.000 and a trip to meet Fosun executives.

During the Bootcamp 5 days, absolutely yes. A minimum of 2 team members are expected to enroll in the program full time for the entire duration of Protechcting. The load of workshops and talks vary along the week, and mentorship sessions might happen any week day. Team members are expected to make the Protechcting office co-working space, their full-time working place. Weekends have no official agenda, but our co-working space.

During the Incubation phase, no. If you get to this phase than things are really looking good and most probably you’ll be installing your solution or bundling it with a big name insurance company. this means that you’ll be at your client’s location a lot of the time. the schedule of mentoring sessions and workshops in this phase is toned down because you have to sell, sell and sell.