App Sinistro

car accident no longer has to be complicated. App Sinistro reduces waiting time, takes away headaches and saves money in calls and trips – all through your smartphone.


AppyBook is a service marketplace focused in helping people find nearby healthcare services, see reviews from other patients, choose the best services, book services and get reminders. All of this for free! On the other hand, it helps the service providers attract new clients, manage its scheduling, and get insightful feedback from users.

Insurance Labs

IT Solutions aimed at the insurance market.


Movildoc is a platform that allows health professionals to solve medical questions with the assistance of our specialists using their computers or smartphones. Movildoc can be used by pharmaceutical laboratories, health insurance companies, hospitals and medical clinics to provide a reliable and trustworthy service for all health professionals.


Senioresclick is the best search tool by type of service, location, price and category.The place to advertise and create a professional network through a corporate area. Usability and appealing design. They promote information, health and an active lifestyle.